Some very unexpected news, on Tuesday morning we discovered that our shop had flooded. The carpets are ruined, and the water has soaked into, and damaged all of the wooden structures. 
Because of this, we will not be able to open this week. Our stock has absolutely packed out the unit we have been allowed to borrow and there is just no way of trading out of that space and the chaos.
Unit 89 remains very wet, very damp, and now also very smelly. We have lost way more stock than first anticipated and it may be we discover we have lost even more.
Until we hear more from our insurance company we are currently stuck in limbo, unable to really do anything towards getting the shop back up and running.

Anyone who knows me will know how much I absolutely HATE letting people down and will know just how heavy this is weighing on me. Please be assured if you need anything I will do everything within my power to accommodate you.

Until I have any further news, it’s curtains down for Pointe Perfection.
If you need to get in touch, then please email - and check our Facebook Page or Instagram for further updates.