What methods of payment do you take?

Cash payments are accepted.We accept major debit, credit cards, Apply Pay and Google Pay.We do not accept cheques.

Do you offer refunds?

Any faulty products will be replaced immediately and returned to the manufacturers.If you require to show your dance teacher your shoes then you need to arrange possible returns at your fitting.All returns are subject to managers discretion.

Do you charge for pointe shoe fittings?

We do not charge for fittings, however if you decide not to purchase your shoes on the day then we ask for a £10 deposit towards your shoes if you purchase within the next two weeks. This helps protect us against people using our fitting service then purchasing elsewhere.

How long does a fitting take?

We advice to allow around an hour for a fitting. Time varies from person to person.

What do I need to bring to a fitting?

Please bring your last pair of pointe shoes and any padding you currently wear in them. Make sure your toe nails are cut and any blisters are fully healed.

What do I need to wear at a fitting?

Please wear convertible tights with either a leotard, skirt or shorts over the top. We need to be able to see at least from your knees down to check alignment.

Why do I need to wear convertible tights?

At a fitting we will need to assess your foot shape and strength. This is much easier for us to do if the customer has bare feet.

Do you taken custom shoe orders?

Yes we can take custom shoe orders for any Freed or Grishko pointe shoe.

Why don’t you sell…?

As a small start up business it would be impossible for us to stock everything in every size. We wanted to make sure we concentrated on having a wide variety of pointe shoes to suit everyone. However, we can order in absolutely anything from our suppliers catalogues, which are available for you to browse through in store and in most cases they will arrive next day.

Why are you more expensive than the internet?

While we try to keep our prices as low as we can it is virtually impossible to sell at the same price as the big discount dance outlets who receive things at a highly discounted rate.

Why aren’t you open in the mornings?In most cases opening in the mornings is not beneficial to us. A lot of people will either be at work or at school/college at this time. During school holidays however our opening times will vary. Be sure to check the News section for revised opening and closing hours.

What if my parent or guardian can not get up the stairs?

When booking your fitting appointment if you mentioned this to us we can set up an alternate location in the main building for your fitting.

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